About Me!

prague solo


Hi! I’m Shivani! Born & brought up in India. I love reading and writing which is why this blog. I am a Banker, an MBA, a Lawyer & a Sociologist by professional qualification, and a Psychologist & a Coach by natural orientation. I am a curious inquirer of hows & whys of people behavior which I have always believed leads to massive unbundling of human potential. I thoroughly enjoy knowing people, discussing their experiences, understanding them and influencing their situation to the best of my ability. 

I have lived in India, UK and Germany and visited about 10 countries so far.

A few things that define me:

  • A fighter- I never give up!
  • Love to be surrounded by people and the hustle bustle of chaotic order. 
  • I love Sunny days!
  • Highly intuitive especially on the people part. A totally skewed-up curiosity towards understanding whys of people behavior. 
  • A voracious reader: can read from anything to everything! My favorites include: Leadership, Organizational challenges, Industry 4.0, Consulting & Sales, Philosophy, Psychology & Neurosciences, Hindu, Victorian, Russian & Greek Literature.

I am here to share some thoughts. I will love it when you visit here to read my blogs and can relate to it!

Feel free to reach out at shivanisingh@hotmail.co.uk 


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