Tell your Papppa (Papa) to….

My life till date has been full of twists and turns. So habitual to the drama element, that if it goes smooth- I fail to imagine it!

This is a comic scene epitomized- a diary account from March 2007. I had just relocated to Bangalore and was learning to drive. Like all novices, I tried getting my acts together by running short errands like- grocery shopping- on my own.

During those days, I was the type- “who once left her car at the turn of the road- blocking the traffic, only to walk down to another car stuck in the same traffic- asking the driver to help- pull her car to the side!” People who know this- would be laughing on this account. But that’s OK! Turnings, and parking in and out, were my most difficult driving activities then!

After grocery shopping from M.K Retail, I was trying to reverse my car in the open parking area, onto the adjoining service road. Despite incessant whistling of the watchman, I was nervous and damn slow at the act. To add to the misery, a White Scorpio vehicle zoomed in to stop- just behind my car!

If it was now, probably I could have tried reversing it diagonally. But then? No chance! I was sure to bang his “looked like new” White Scorpio. So, I started honking, before he got out of his vehicle- which kind of annoyed him. The 2nd watchman also joined his mate to tell off the man. This made him to move up his car to park into the parallel space beside mine.

And you know how you feel, when such stuck ups lose- I had my face beaming with joy and my ready to burst laughter, cooped up in my cheeks!   

Just then, I saw this fuming man in his all white attire, get out of his White Scorpio, and walk towards my car like a hissing wave. Yes! I was on- “on my guard” reflexes- centrally locked and power window keys pressed tight.

Before he came close to my car, I shut him off completely! But, not before his words fell on my ears- “Tell your Papppa to teach you how to drive!” I wanted to tell him: “I’m not a child OK! I’m married and this is my husband’s car! And by the way- you parked in a no parking zone, that too behind a car trying to reverse.”

But you know what? I was scared! Damn scared! I was thinking- what if he slapped me man? Watchmen were there, but he looked heftier than the two of them put together! So, I preferred ignoring the ignorant.

And, like all human- you know we don’t get peace till we share our good or bad! So, I went and shared it with my neighbor Pearly. I know she wouldn’t kill me for using her name! And she says- “Aww Shivaaaani!! Are you okkkkk? These people nooooo, I tell you yaaaaaaaaaar!! Hoolllligans they are!!

And believe me! I felt damn OK, once she said that to me!