Moment Extraordinaire…

Every moment is different both in its influence and its consequential effect on life. The moments that establish hope ring in briefly than the moments that stream into hours, days, years- where discouragement, gloom and desperation dictate our vision. Yet, we continue to live on. There is so much depth & force in those pithy moments that we are compelled to attribute more reality to them than to all other experiences of dashed hopes.

That is how powerful even those brief moments of hope and positivism are!!

Most of the time, opportunities arrive shrouded in layers of difficult moments, that we so habitually with all our negativism miss to see through our naked eyes. They stare us in the face, but we see them not until that moment when our mind is ripened enough to behold them. And when we do, it appears like a precious dream moment arriving to us fortunate ones, whereas, in reality, these moments indefinitely awaited our attention!!

It seems only right to say that ‘the state of our being’ truly depends on the ‘depth of the sentiment’ with which we live life. No great moment arrives tagged as ‘One’. It is only the heightened peak of the several ordinary moments in which we most deeply and faithfully conduct our lives’ actions.


Mature lives..Immature living!

2013-10-26 14.56.23

It’s a new morning. This picture of absolutely mesmerizing  beauty of nature is from my backyard. 

How life-affirming are the vibes! The rays of sunshine sneaking through the tall trees, as though making way to sparkle the solitude of the confined space. Every time I look at these sneaking sun rays, I’m mellowed by its warmth & kindness. I often feel what it would be like, if, humans showed similar affection for each other..and be more human than just human beings…

We are always spell-bound by natural beauty. WE ONLY FORGET OUR PART IN IT!! No! I’m not asking you to start planting trees now. Actually you can do that later! 

Just wondering, if, like sun rays we could sparkle some lives around us. We are all part of the same nature!

Wondering if the lost sparkle in many eyes, could be made to glisten when someone holds them and tells them, how grateful they are for having them in their lives. Don’t know why it’s so difficult for people to express that!

Or is it lost somewhere in the conundrums of life? Or is it outdated, to show love and gratitude for people in our lives? Spouses feel kids are grown up and kids feel they are grown up and independent!

After all, we do have that great love locked up in our bosom for our loved ones- what’s the need for that explicit expression & “reassurance” of those feelings?  

But at work? Oh! there this rule does not apply! There we must keep reassuring our worth month on month and year on year. Family & friends? Oh that’s OK! They can be taken for granted! They will always be there!

Oh yes! At office also- it only works with the performance bit! Actually for some of us that’s only a self proclaimed effort- how much we actually make a difference to the organization? Well, how does it matter? At least we rush to be there every morning right? And it’s fine- we do get salary after all! 

As for the colleagues around. We do have some best buddies. Gossiping about a colleague with a glum face-right opposite our desk is just fine! There is no need of peeping behind those expressions to discover a solitary being, or a being whose conditioning has eclipsed his/her smile. Why miss a lunch with our best buddy to make this cynic laugh? After all this very cynicism is the topic of entertainment! 

I wonder, if we can ever break free from our botched up understanding of living life, and, sparkle the spaces around us. Especially when there is nothing blocking the path, except for our own, self consumed, shallow living..