Are you communicating effectively?

Are you communicating effectively? Living in a hyper connected world means nothing if we do not connect. To connect we need to communicate- communicate to inspire people to excel; to partner with people and communities; to engage with clients and to help them move closer to their goals.

But, this is an area where not just people in general but also most leaders struggle. The reason- they fail to tell their story effectively.
Mostly, communication is understood as transmission of information. A narrative to make it a meaningful conversation is missing.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “The problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

In today’s transformational times it is critical for people and leaders to influence others by cultivating an authentic, trustworthy and compelling narrative. Leading ourselves and our people requires us to tell our stories to engage our audience. When we have been able to engage our audiences- we have been able to communicate effectively. We have lived our story.

How are you engaging with your audiences?
Leaders- how are you developing your stories of transformations?


Do effective, tough conversations help build great teams?

Scene: First 3 months of my team leadership @one of my earlier organizations. My boss & his boss (also my role model on leadership), called me for a closed-door glass cabin meet in the bay where my team was seated- physically at their desktops but virtually in the cabin.
Action: I walked in for an applause. Yes!
Surprise: “Shivani, why has Mr. X resigned?” I was held accountable for it!
Drama: “Shivani, please understand, you’re here ‘coz of your own merit. You’re brilliant, but you need to develop leadership skills.”
Reaction: I looked out- My team’s smiles said it all. Felt defeated, but I decided to call a team meet.
Result: It was tough to do a meeting where all else except me seemed winners. But, effective, tough conversation made by my role model invoked worthy actions from me.

Learnings: It’s never a good feeling to live through a story where you’re solely made accountable-but great leadership asks of us high degree of heroism on accountability. I realized-only way forward in such situations is not by justifying old actions but through new worthy actions.

How do you do effective, tough conversations?

Which thoughts are becoming your beliefs?

If you know what you can do, and that you can do it better than anyone else, then you will surely have the promise of everyone’s endorsement of that particular capability in you. But, the rule is:

“You have to know that you can do it and that you can do it the best!”

What you do not believe, you must not say, for you will never accomplish it, though you may repeat the words ever so often!
And, what you believe, you will always accomplish or get closer to it through your action, though you may never repeat the words so often!

An act of greatness can never be feigned by an act of pretense. And know it:

“The essence of your life is not in your calling, your riches or your alienations, and the likes, but in your silent thoughts that revises your entire approach to life by becoming your belief!”

Remember always:
“You pass off as what you’re worth! No more, no less! Thoughts become beliefs, beliefs lead actions, and actions bring results- good, bad, great,  excellent- entirely your choice!”

Which thoughts are becoming your beliefs?
Do you know what you can do?
What for you is the essence of your life?