speedPic: Courtesy WiseGEEK.


I’ve always been amazed by the hasty side of human nature where people over-speed in the process of acting, assessing, judging people/situations & deciding the way forward.


My question: “What compels one into over-speedy decisioning or as I call it-a hasty decisioning?” Is it the need to over-speed or lack of certain attributes?


The rise & fall of many individuals, empires and businesses since ancient days till this day due to over-speeding blindly amidst situations of their times- makes it evident that while Speed maybe crucial to succeed in today’s hyper-dynamic world, failure to pause and reflect to speed right is fatal!


Today, we need to deal with every succeeding information & possibilities speedily enough to be in the race! How do we do it? Do we over-speed or do we carefully evaluate options while keeping distractions at bay while also being speedy enough to be in the race?


While speed is the key part of any developmental strategy today, we all know that over-speeding can be more catastrophic than slow speed! It leads us to surge forward without a balanced plan to create something that will last.


What in your opinion are the attributes needed to succeed in this world of High-Speed?

How do you intend making these attributes a part of your/your organization’s DNA?

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