Are you doing enough of what you’ve set out to do?



The truth of success lies in ‘Persistence’. Many dream, some nurture those dreams as well, but very few live those dreams to reality. Why?

Why after having chosen your path are you not abiding by it? Why are you giving in and bundling yourself with the lot- full of qualms and regrets?

Are you afraid doing more of those? Who says excellence comes tiptoeing, dancing into one’s arms?

Alexander during his war with Porus, waded through the Hydapses river in the middle of the stormy night fraught with torrential rain & lightning. Several of his men died and were burnt with lightening. Alexander- breast deep in water, kept through it all- eventually landing a footing on the slippery, unsteady land on the other side.

Do you know of such unnerving, desolate side of the story to success?  Are you in obedience to such disturbances shaking your ‘Will’ and dissuading you from advancing?

Or are you reigning them with your unremitting ‘Grit’?

What is different in the making of these Gritty lots? How are they able to ignore all challenging externalities and continue advancing to their own calling? Want to share your views?

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