Moment Extraordinaire…

Every moment is different both in its influence and its consequential effect on life. The moments that establish hope ring in briefly than the moments that stream into hours, days, years- where discouragement, gloom and desperation dictate our vision. Yet, we continue to live on. There is so much depth & force in those pithy moments that we are compelled to attribute more reality to them than to all other experiences of dashed hopes.

That is how powerful even those brief moments of hope and positivism are!!

Most of the time, opportunities arrive shrouded in layers of difficult moments, that we so habitually with all our negativism miss to see through our naked eyes. They stare us in the face, but we see them not until that moment when our mind is ripened enough to behold them. And when we do, it appears like a precious dream moment arriving to us fortunate ones, whereas, in reality, these moments indefinitely awaited our attention!!

It seems only right to say that ‘the state of our being’ truly depends on the ‘depth of the sentiment’ with which we live life. No great moment arrives tagged as ‘One’. It is only the heightened peak of the several ordinary moments in which we most deeply and faithfully conduct our lives’ actions.